Build native application using Delphi

Design in Xcode or Android Studio. Code in Delphi. Build with TurboCocoa.

Design in Xcode

Design your iOS/macOS application UI directly in Xcode and write your code in RAD Studio IDE.

Design in Android Studio

Design your Android application UI directly in Android Studio and write your code in RAD Studio IDE.

Code in Delphi

Code and debug your business logic in Delphi IDE. The code is the same for all platforms.

Build with TurboCocoa

UI is designed in native editors. Code is written in Object Pascal. Build your app in Delphi with TurboCocoa.

Native User Experience

Use native app architecture. UI will not only look natively, but behaves natively. Because itís true native. The same is UX.

iOS and macOS

True native macOS, iOS and Android app templates are available in Delphi IDE. Just use them to think of the design and code, rather than architecture and structure.

Common Features

  • Image assets: Up-to-date image catalog, which support of multi-resolution images.
  • Native UI: Complete set of native UI controls.

iOS-Specific Features

  • Launch screen: Storyboard based launch screen, ready for all kind of device types.
  • Storyboards: Native way to design UI/UX in Xcode.
  • Split-view on iPad: TurboCocoa's apps support native awesome split-view on iPad.
  • Native controllers: Easy to use native controllers like UISplitViewController, UITabViewController, UITableViewController and more. Not only visual design, but native behavior also?

Android-specific Features

  • XML layouts: Native way to design UI/UX in Android Studio.
  • Java class subclassing: TurboCocoa allows subscall java classes like Activity or View.
  • Multy-activity: You can create applciation with multi-activity.
  • Thread: TurboCocoa applications work in the Java thread.

macOS-specific Features

  • XIB: Native way to design UI/UX in Xcode.
  • Document Apps: Native way to build document based application like standard Mac-applications.
  • Agent App: Windowless application with item in system status bar.


TurboCocoa requires Embarcadero Berlin, Tokyo or Rio on Windows side and macOS 10.9 with Xcode 7 or higher on Mac side. Android development requires Android Studio 3.0 or higher.